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While soap has been a mainstay on the farm for 18 years or more, goat milk soap is a more recent addition, and in our opinion, even nicer than a really good handmade soap. Neither one is drying or harsh like the soaps of generations before us.

This rich, creamy bar is made using the cold process method, but won’t dry your skin like “old fashioned” lye soaps. If you’re curious, please ask for a sample! Most of our soaps are designed for sensitive skin and noses, and custom batches can be created if you have a particular sensitivity. Examples would be coconut-oil free loafs, etc.

Diane’s soap-making experience started about 18 years ago, when one of the kids was very, very sensitive to any of the “gentle” commercial products. With the creation of a nourishing bar with limited ingredients, those sensitivities disappeared.

Fragrance oils are used where noted by “FO,” otherwise all scents are created by essential oils or blends of essential oils.

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Bourbon Vanilla (FO), Candy Cane (Peppermint), Caribbean Coconut (FO), Milk and Honey (FO), No Added Scent, Roses (EO Blend), Smoky Vanilla (FO), Spearmint Eucalyptus, Spearmint Lavender, Vanilla Birch (FO), Vanilla Patchouli (FO)


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