Our Herd

Meet our current herd! Our sales policy can be found HERE and our kid reservation form is found HERE. As of 04/14/2023, the herd has tested clean for CL/CAE/Johnne’s. Biosecurity testing will be repeated annually. Photos updated as available (and as skills improve).


L: before and after udder fill; R: udder attachment


** Bred to AGS Locey Creek Doc for early 2024 (ADGA/AGS registered)


*gold with moonspots and white, horns, carries buckskin

D: Woodsmoke Acres LC 20ofClubs

DS: Woodsmoke Acres Last Call

DD: DK LGF ZK 2 Pair

S: Primrose Hill E Wicked Game (deceased)

SS: Oldesouth WP Everlasting *B VEE91

SD: SGCH Oldesouth Blu Hot Passion *M VEEE92 (red buckskin)


EOTL JF SWEETBRIAR ROSE (ADGA registered, AGS-pending)

** Bred to Cluckinhay Prince Charming for early 2024** Planned pedigree here.


*chamoisee with white, polled

D: EOTL B’s Legacy (chamoise w/white)

DS: Dreahook Dei Gruyere

DD: SG EOTL Wanna B That Song V+VV87 (chamoise w/extensive white)

S: EOTL G Jumpin Jack Flash *B (chamoise buckskin combo w/white)

SS: One Fine Acre Gallant

SD: EOTL Diamonds Are Forever *M VEEE90



PF Genetics Maple Pecan Latte (ADGA registered, AGS pending)


*red buckskin, brown eyes, disbudded

D: Sweet DD P-Can (buckskin)

DS: Sugar Moon BL Boom Chocolatta *B (chocolate w/white)

DD: Sugar Moon V Praline (gold, disbudded)

S: Dill’s DD Cold Brew *B (chocolate)

SS: Dill’s ROR Dilly Dilly (buckskin)

SD: Dill’s RD Mocha Lite 3*M  EEEE91




** Bred to AGC Locey Creek Doc for early 2024 (ADGA pending)


One of Anne’s original triplets, she’s voted most likely to get along with everyone, and most snuggly. Unregistered, not able to be registered as sire was not registered either.