Shale Hollow Farmstead LLC Sales Policy

Our herd is CAE, CL and Johnne’s negative as of __________! 

After confirming a kid is available, a deposit of 1/2 the price must be submitted via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal “friends and family” in order to hold the kid for you until he/she is available to go home. By submitting a deposit, you have agreed that you have read and understand our sales policy. The remainder will be due before the goat leaves our property. 

If you fail to pick up the kid, one additional time will be given to make arrangements for you to pick them up. If you again fail to pick up at the agreed-upon time, or back out of the sale for any reason, this amount is nonrefundable. We also reserve the right to not sell any animal. If we at Shale Hollow Farmstead LLC have reason to terminate the sale, your deposit will be refunded to you. 

Goats must be picked up within 2 weeks either from when the deposit was received (if the goat was ready to move farms) or within 2 weeks after being weaned (if the deposit was made before the goat was old enough to move farms). The buyer will be charged $25 per week for each subsequent week after the 2-week grace period, with the $25 due on day 1 of the following week. This covers the goat’s feed bill and care. We sell animals that are healthy and sound at the time of transfer; you have the right to a vet examination prior to purchase but this is at the buyer’s expense. 

All goats crossing state lines must travel with a CVI completed by a vet; this is done at the buyer’s expense and is not included in the sale price of the goat. We will not claim responsibility for the health of an animal purchased from us beyond 24 hours from the time it leaves the farm unless we are presented with a vet’s official statement that the animal had a condition prior to transfer. The risk of loss transfers to you once the animal leaves our farm.

Our does may participate in DHIA (milk test), so doelings are not available to go to new homes until 8-12 weeks old; bucklings are available at 8 weeks old or may go sooner depending on how well they take a bottle (but you will need to be comfortable bottle feeding if they go home prior to 8 weeks!), and wethers may be sold on bottle as unregistered for you to wether at a later date. All kids will be sold polled or disbudded; we do not sell horned goats.

Given the system change with ADGA, I am happy to submit registration paperwork for goat kids online as it seems to process much faster than mailing in hard copies; however, goats will need to be paid in full prior to me submitting the online registration.