Goat Milk Hand and Body Butter



Coconut-free, luxuriously thick body butter (think lotion, but thicker) featuring the raw milk from our dairy goats (currently Annie and Lavender). This small-batch lotion is rich and creamy, providing support for dry skin all over your body. In addition to being coconut-free, this lotion is also paraben-free.

Ingredients include organic cocoa butter, vegetable glycerine and organic grapeseed oil, in addition to the nourishing support of goat milk. Those with sensitive skin or known allergies, please contact me directly (by email is preferred at shop at shalehollow dot com) for custom batches! For our Smoky Vanilla scent, offered exclusively through the Seltzer’s Bologna retail store, please visit their website and store.

Small is 4 ounces and large is 8 ounces. These are currently packaged in mason jars. The 12 ounce size is a plastic (recyclable) bottle with a pump.

Weight 12 oz
Lotion Sizes

12 ounce w/pump (plastic), 4 ounce glass jar, 8 ounces glass jar

GM Scents

Bourbon Vanilla (Fragrance), Caribbean Coconut (Fragrance), Oatmeal, Milk & Honey (Fragrance), Roses (EO Blend), Unscented, Vanilla Birch (Fragrance)

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