2023 Baby Goat Snuggle Sessions

Unwind, laugh and reset with our small herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats on our small family farm. Our resident “goat whisperers” will introduce you and your group to our family of miniature dairy goats.

We invite you to spread out a blanket or camping chair in our goat pasture or in the goat barn so the goats can come right up to you to visit and snuggle. Our group of Nigerian Dwarf goats are sure to bring laughs and plenty of memorable moments as they eat, sniff and demand your attention.

Owner Diane will also be available to answer questions regarding life on the farm, goat care, health, differences in breeds, and more! Our chicken area is off-limits this year, in an effort to protect the flock from avian flu. 

45-minute small group sessions

There’s nothing cuter than baby goats! With their adorable little faces, spring-loaded legs, and mischievous personalities, your time with our babies is always full of cuteness.

The babies were born the last week of March and will be between 3-10 weeks of during our Baby Goat Snuggle Session (April – late May). All of our babies are raised with their mothers for about three months before going home to their forever families. Baby goat snuggles will include our babies along with their moms. The mamas may be nursing them throughout your snuggle session.

While the babies love to play hard, they nap even harder. Be prepared for some playful jumping on your lap that leads right into nap time. Babies LOVE blankets but are not potty trained, so please don’t bring your best blanket. We do have a small number of donated blankets you may borrow for your session.

Schedule your sessions here: https://shalehollow2023.as.me/schedule.php