Our Goats

Meet our current herd! Our sales policy can be found HERE and our kid reservation form is found HERE. As of 04/14/2023, the herd has tested clean for CL/CAE/Johnne’s.

Slade’s Serendipity Lavender (2019) – New to us in 2022, she brings great ADGA and AGS milking lines to the herd, and took over as herd queen from Annie. She earned her ADGA milk star with her previous owner in 2022, and her LA scores were also given at that time. They are pending entry in the ADGA system, but unofficial copies are available when looking at her kids.
Anne Shirley (2021; Annie/Annie-Bananie/Anne of Green Gables) is our only goat with horns. ADGA registered as Woodsmoke Acres Wicked Annie, and pending AGS registration. She’s a great milker and produces friendly, healthy, beautiful kids. Her unofficial milk records are available for those interested in future kids, and we hope to have LA and DHIR records by the end of 2024.
Zinnia (2022) – One of Anne’s original triplets, she’s voted most likely to get along with everyone, and most snuggly. Unregistered.
Violet (2022) – Also one of Anne’s original triplets, Violet is fairly easygoing, until you challenge her. She began life at just 2 pounds, caught up quickly, and doesn’t back down from a challenge. Unregistered.