Our Goats

Meet our current herd!

Slade’s Serendipty Lavender (2019) – New to us in 2022, she brings great ADGA milking lines to the herd, and took over as herd queen from Annie.
Anne Shirley (2021; Annie/Annie-Bananie/Anne of Green Gables) is our only goat with horns. While not ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) registered, she’s a great milker and produces friendly, healthy, beautiful kids.
Zinnia (2022) – One of Anne’s original triplets, she’s voted most likely to get along with everyone, and most snuggly. Unregistered.
Violet (2022) – Also one of Anne’s original triplets, Violet is fairly easy going, until you challenge her. She began life at just 2 pounds, caught up quickly and doesn’t back down from a challenge.